Quick aside before you read this: Check out the picture above. Nice, right? I took that around 2 years ago in easily the prettiest place I've been in my life: Turks & Caicos. I'm typically not much for traveling out of country (or really traveling far in general), but thankfully I got dragged there and had a great time. Awesome place. Now onto the dev stuff.

For the most part, I historically have done Mobile App and Distributed App Development. My Distr. App Projects are deployed on the Rinkeby Network (and generously funded by the Rinkeby Faucet😁), which are the public testnets I use for my projects. For the front end, I use react and backend I'm largely Node.js to stick to the whole JS theme, so my code should be without any curveballs for JS developers out there. I have worked a solid bit with the interplanetary file system, which is another really exciting innovation that works pretty cohesively with the blockchain department. It's a good time and it's cool technology.

I also use the run-of-the-mill tech standards like relational databases (a bit - I did a lot of schoolwork on them but not a huge fan in practice), NoSQL databases (a LOT), and other standard languages like Java (my fav. language), C (my least fav. language), and Python (cool, simple, FLEXIBLE, but odd). Used LISP this past semester, which was pretty wacky. I ran the Data Structure and Algorithm gauntlet as well, which are all standard practice for CS people. So that's what I have been doing. As for what I'm up to now.. Python scripts and some other random C things (mostly to show I can - JS/Java things are for fun). Python mostly because I can run it quickly and web requests + printing results are REALLY quick and easy. I'm just trying to build a wrapper application around the NEST web app at the moment, but, their web protocols have seemed pretty straightforward so who knows where we'll end up with this app. So yes, that's me as of mid-May, 2019.

Other stuff.

A lot of my time goes to football and school-related endeavors, but, believe it or not, I do a few other things.. kind of. I'm in the Engineers for a Sustainable World and Data Science Council clubs here at the U of R, as well as am pursuing some other startup-related things that, with any luck, will hopefully turn into something at some point. If you peek down below, you can see me in my football stuff. I now play for the University's Varsity team as a Defensive End. I would highly recommend to anyone considering. The team, the culture, the accountability, etc. makes being a college student immeasurably different.

About Me

I am currently studying Computer Science at the University of Rochester, but, when I'm not at school, I live in Princeton, NJ. Outside of my general hobbies, I would say the most important thing to know about me would be that I've got an awesome family of my parents, sister, and two massive dogs (Newfoundlands), Sasha and Coal. I'm definitely a big dog person. If you have any questions about me or anything really, feel free to shoot me a text, an email, etc.
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